Banana-Bucks is the name of a fictitious currency to replace any FIAT currency. A FIAT currency is essentially every currency currently in use today, the form of currency I blame squarely for all the trouble, pain and suffering in the world. A FIAT currency has no intrinsic value; its value is purely relative. FIAT money is created by introducing debt, and ever more new debt is required to service the old debt. The fact that the currency today is not backed up by anything tangible, is the root cause for most of the financial difficulties over the last few decades.

Banana-Bucks is an energy-based currency system that introduces intrinsic value to the currency. Each note issued has a predefined value that is maintained forever. Instead of a reserve bank that has the responsibility of creating currency, an institution called the Fundament plays this role. It is the creator of the energy that the currency represents. The simple mechanics of the Fundament will be explained and justified.

The first - and for South Africa, the most important - consequence of adopting this alternative currency system will be the reduction of poverty and unemployment. There is an ever-increasing divide between the rich and poor, and if this gap grows we will be faced with revolution, war and violence. I fear this reality is approaching fast. It must be stopped, and this is the only solution I believe will work.

The world is currently undergoing economic turmoil in the form a debt crises. The ever-increasing debt required by the FIAT currency system is strangling the economy. The attempted solution has been to create more and more money and this leads to inflation. Inflation has no benefit except to reduce debt. The ability of the currency to store its value is undermined. A currency system with intrinsic value can address this issue - its value can never deflate. Banana-Bucks is a stable, predictable economic system that will provide us all with financial security.

The world population is over seven billion and humans have become a parasite that is killing its host. We are consuming resources faster than they can be replenished with no understanding of the danger we face when those resources run out. The economic and political system is unable to address this; economies are too fragile to adjust to large change. Banana-Bucks addresses this problem because the defining principles of the Fundament demand that it works in harmony with its environment to ensure sustainability.

Finally, we should change the currency system simply so that we can enjoy life more. Today most people are born, educated, work non-stop for 40 years, and then retire when they are too old and frail to experience the thrill of living. I reject this way of life. We must emancipate ourselves from mindless work and liberate our time. We can do this by working smarter, not harder. We need more time to spend with our family and children, make love more often with our partner, play more games with our friends, listen to more music and learn to enjoy more the world we live in. Banana-Bucks can give us this time.

The first step towards adopting Banana-Bucks is to understand how it works, and the first step towards that is to read the story of Mango-Man...